Cosmica World Boutique is a multicultural shop in a small town known for its global selection of clothes, accessories, kids clothing and house decor with affordable prices for free-spirited women of all ages. 

From the latest styles by local emerging designers, to stunning creations from labels far and wide. We’ve got just the piece to make you look and feel fabulous.



When I was a child...

My grandmother used to travel around Central and South America to find specialty items from each place. She'd bring them home and then sell them out of the living room of her little house in our hometown of Chincha, Peru.


I was in charge of organizing the merchandise and doing the inventory. She would sometimes take me on her shopping trips and without her knowing I was learning her way of work. When I finished college, I moved to the USA where I met my husband Andy.

That's when I decided to open my own store and follow in my grandmother's footsteps.

Cosmica World Boutique was founded on May 8th, 2008.